North Tyneside Learning Platform


Our Chinese Friends from Shenzhen Lixuan Primary School–
28th April-4th May

This week we have been hosting children and teachers from Shenzhen Lixuan Primary School which is near Hong Kong.  Seventeen children aged from 9-12 stayed in North Tyneside and enjoyed visiting lots of different places in the region and made friends with children from lots of different Primary Schools. 

Have a look at our picture diary below.

Breakfast every day in school.

Monday 29th April

The Headteacher gave a small gift to everyone who was in school in the morning and we had a welcome assembly.

The children visited the Rising Sun Country Park in the afternoon.  They got very wet!! However, the sun came out and all of the children worked together to build dens.

Later on we went to Tynemouth Beach and were joined by some friends from Battle Hill Primary School and Stephenson Memorial Primary School

To round the day off we enjoyed traditional fish and chips back at school.

Follow our visitors on their North East adventures:

Tuesday 30th April 2013 - View

Wednesday 1st May 2013 - View

Thursday 2nd May 2013 - View

Friday 3rd May 2013 - View