North Tyneside Learning Platform


Hadrian Park Climbing Higher

On 16th January, 2014, pupils in Y5 and Y6 visited the Newcastle Climbing Wall in Byker.  Through their topic work, the children have been studying Mountains.  Leading up to the visit, they investigated the amazing conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.  This educational visit was to give the pupils, first-hand experience of climbing and to experience, in a really small way, the challenges faced by the more famous mountaineers.

The first activity was to traverse along the practice wall where they were met by the instructors and fitted with their safety harnesses.  The children trained hard on the practice walls, with the instructors belaying them, and built up their confidence until they were ready to attempt the fifteen metre wall which lay in their path …

With each attempt, the children were encouraged to push themselves a little further, to try to reach the next hand-hold, to try to go a little higher than the last time.  Every pupil, regardless of how high they reached, were cheered and supported by their peers.  Each child arrived back at school having felt a real sense of achievement.
When asked what was the favourite part of the visit, the response was, “The biggest wall because, although it was challenging, it was fun because so many of us reached the top!”

“The best trip ever!” Written by Jack Rowley