The Day the Dinosaur Visited Hadrian Park Primary School

Very strange events unfolded at our school this week which all started with the mysterious disappearance of our Head teacher, Miss Gibson.  KS1 and Foundation Stage children were alerted to the fact that some strange objects had been found in the playground; they set off to investigate.  A very unusual footprint, a really large egg, a huge tooth and some scaly skin were discovered...  They very quickly assumed a dinosaur had been on our school grounds!

An emergency assembly was called to let the whole school know the latest developments.  Our assembly confirmed that Miss Gibson had gone missing (a news website even carried a story of her mysterious disappearance!), an email from Newcastle University Paleontology dept confirmed sightings of dinosaurs in the Wallsend area, and to add to all the drama, we then saw breaking news footage of a dinosaur carrying Miss Gibson away from our school grounds!  While some children were visibly very upset, we did receive a text from Miss Gibson, reassuring us that the dinosaur was a friendly dinosaur and she was being very well treated.  She would try to find a way to return to us as soon as she could

Miss Gibson did indeed return to school, approximately 2 hours later to tell us all about her fantastic adventures.  She reassured us all that the dinosaur was just lonely and wanted some company but promised never to return to our school. Everyone was happy to see the safe return of our headteacher

A wonderful launch for National Storytelling Week.  It provided a valuable stimulus for our whole school to work together to  produce lots of quality discussion, writing and storytelling opportunities.  Please visit our school library after half term to see our amazing display of The Day the Dinosaur Visited Hadrian Park