What inspired us?

I watched the news when this horrific disaster happened, all I could think of was what those poor people were going through. All this time I thought I was poor, but I was wrong. Right now I would consider myself very lucky.

I was watching football with my dad and a football team were wearing a sponsored shirt for Haiti. That was when I thought the school could raise money for this helpless place. Stephanie Ikin - Year 6

What we decided to do...

We decided to have had a none uniform day for 50p or more. We put on our favourite clothes and went to school. But we all knew that this was not about what clothes we were wearing, or if we looked good, it was about the people of Haiti. We all wanted to help Haiti as we had watched some videos with our teachers and we all nearly cried. It was very upsetting so we have tried to help a lot.

We also decided to raise money by making cakes and selling them for 10p. It took along time to put it all together. By selling cakes we would raise a lot of money .It was an idea from some year six girls, but many people joined in. We  swapped over the shop workers so it was fair .As the day went on we learnt all about what had happened. We were proud that we have tried to help.  Hannah Rafique - Year 6

I am extremely proud of the pupils for all of their efforts, and especially for showing such amazing compassion for people less fortunate than themselves.

J Parker
Mrs J Parker
- Headteacher