International School Award for Hadrian Park

Hadrian Park Primary School is pleased to announce that we have been reaccredited with the Full International School Award, which recognises all of the international work that we take part in.  Our pupils regularly take part in activities which help them to develop as International Citizens.  We are lucky enough to have partner schools in a number of countries worldwide, with whom children can communicate face to face, via post and the internet. In school we have participated in joint projects with schools in China, Hong Kong, India and Latvia, examining global themes such as ‘fairness and equality’, ‘diversity’ and ‘sustainable living’.  We will continue to develop these partnerships over the coming year.

The following comments are taken from the feedback we received from the British Council regarding our 2015 application.  The award is valid for the next three years. 

This is an outstanding and well-presented Impact Evaluation and a success story. It demonstrates clearly your continued commitment to understanding and applying the principles of international education in a creative and imaginative way. It also proudly showcases your international learning journey, including your achievements and the positive effects of your global learning on all stakeholders involved in the process, including students, staff, partner schools and the wider community.

Your relationship with your numerous and varied partner schools are very sound and promise a great deal in terms of suggesting interesting and relevant global themes for study as well as providing the perfect environment for placing these themes within a specific contextual framework for the benefit of both students and staff.

There is a great deal of scope for cross-curricular comparative extension work around the opportunities and challenges facing people who live in the various regions of the world.

 Your 'Diversity is the thing we all have in common' activities, among others, are an excellent example of the kind of cross-curricular comparative study programme that bring the relevant global themes to life.

You have introduced your students to such global themes as 'fairness and equality' or 'sustainable living', for example, in an engaging, relevant and practical way.

In the context of foreign language teaching and learning in your international curriculum, it is pleasing to see that languages have a high profile in your school and that you have already established a strong MFL programme with your 'European Day of Languages' as a major feature.

Your ambassadorial role is exemplary and you have done very well in your efforts to disseminate good practice through sharing the benefits of your extensive experience and expertise with other schools as part of your commitment to sustaining an international ethos in your school.

We would like to give a massive thank you to all pupils, parents, staff and members of the community who have contributed towards our successful application.