North Tyneside Learning Platform


Welcome back to everyone and a
Happy New Year to you all.

We have lots of exciting things planned for the year, including trips out and visitors into school.  Mr Davidson has already taken four children to Marden City Learning Centre and their story is below.

The children were ONLY given the following brief upon arrival:

To plan, design and create an animation about something they have learnt at school
* It all had to be original work
* ONLY a short piece of music was supplied
* It had to be designed in Scratch
* It could only be up to 60s long

The group decided on the following roles Connor - project leader, Laura - sound engineer, Luke and Lucy - lead programmers.

Each child was responsible for their own part of the project and when they completed certain things like the characters or a piece of animation, they exported it to a shared area where the project leader then collated their work together.

They only had around 20 minutes planning time and the rest of the session was spent on designing backgrounds, coding and animating the characters.  The photograph shows the children working with centre staff, analysing the work that they were doing.

The result was a fantastic short piece of animation about bullying which has been shared with the whole school.  It was commented that the children worked exceptionally well together and were a credit to their school.  So well done all of you for once again showing that pupils at Hadrian Park Primary School really are a credit to themselves, their parents and the school.