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Show Racism the Red Card

As part of year 5 and 6s annual work to celebrate Black History Month, which this year studied slavery, Martin Luther King Jnr and the civil rights movement in America, the staff from show racism the red card came in to school to discuss this important issue.  Ex Newcastle United star, Olivier Bernard was joined by Dean Gordon and Laura Pidcock.

Here are some comments about the day from some of the staff and pupils.

Education Worker Laura Pidcock said:
The Show Racism the Red Card team had such a brilliant day at Hadrian Park primary, the young people took part in workshops which looked at the process of stereotyping. The young people were extremely willing to question some of the myths and stereotypes that they hold and asked some brilliant questions during the Q&A too, I think our future is safe in their hands.

Olivier Bernard said:
We had such a good time at school, the young people were so enthusiastic during both the football fitness sessions and in the classroom, we had a great day!

I think it’s horrible for people to be in that situation.

Don’t judge people by how they look or what religion they are.  It hurts them inside and outside.

The racism workshop really changed my feelings.

I think the way they presented it was good, but I am so annoyed that some people are like that.

I thought that racism was just about the colour of people’s skin, but it’s not.  It’s about their nationality, culture, religion and skin colour.

Please don’t judge people by the colour of their skin.  Get to know them first.