Smoke Free Gold Award School

Hadrian Park Primary has received the prestigious GOLD AWARD for becoming smoke-free.

Hadrian Park was among 51 schools at the North East Smoke Free School Awards.

The North East Smoke Free School Awards were introduced to recognise the efforts of schools which embrace tobacco control and have taken steps to implement both a policy and an educational programme.

Hadrian Park was among 16 schools receiving the Gold Award, which recognises excellence in tabacco work within schools that extend beyond a written policy. The award is given to schools that demonstrate a whole school approach to tabacco control, with quality teaching and learning opportunities, as well as working with parents.

Director of Fresh Smoke Free North East Ailsa Rutter said " to continue to cut the numbers of people in the north east who are dying prematurely from smoking related diseases, we need to continue to cut the supply of new young smokers down and help existing smokers to quit.

"These Smoke Free School Awards which for the first time are focused on the north and south of the of the tyne part of the region - are very important part of this.

"When a school becomes involved the whole community benefits. These awards help to prevent young people from starting to smoke, helping smokers to stop and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke."

Schools are perfectly placed to influence the health of the community they service. the school environment, smoking education programme offered and messages given about tobacco have key roles to play in reducing smoking amongst young people, staff and visitors.