Hadrian Park Staff

Staff at Hadrian Park Primary School are dedicated to ensuring your child/children get the best education possible, and the support and help they need to achieve their full potential.


Miss A Gibson
Miss J Martin
Deputy Headteacher
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Mrs K Chappell    
Miss J Collingwood - Teacher
Miss R Watts - Teacher
Miss C Smith - Acting Early Years Lead
Mr E Stenhouse - Teacher
Mrs J Rigg - Teacher
Foundation Stage
Miss E Corbridge - HLTA
Mrs L Noble - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Robinson - Teaching Assistant
Year 1    
Miss C Cockburn - Teacher
Mrs B Wilson - Teacher
Year 2    
Miss J Martin - Key Stage 1 Lead
Miss A Loizou - Teacher
Year 3    
Mrs K Chappell - Lower Key Stage 2 Lead
Miss C Fletcher   Teach First Trainee Teacher
Mrs J Bereford - Teacher
Mrs H Turner - teacher
Year 4    
Mr R Bell - Teacher
Miss E Aitkin - Teacher
Year 5    
Mr M Beresford - Teacher
Mrs L Waghorn - Teacher
Year 6    
Miss B Abrahams - Upper Key Stage 2 Lead
Miss R Reed - Teacher
Main School - Support Staff
Mrs C Cavanagh - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Cox - Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dawson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Elliott - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Gallagher - Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Heppell - Teaching Assistant
Miss K Kimber - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Keillor - Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Rhodes - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Wilcox - Teaching Assistant
Support Staff - Whole School
Mrs C Weavers
School Business Manager
Mrs D Thompson
Whole School
Mrs L Smith
Office Administrator
Mrs A Coxon - Lead Office Administrator
Miss R West - Office Admin Apprentice
Mrs R Reed
Learning Mentor
Mr M Toward