North Tyneside Learning Platform


Tennis Champions

8 of our Year 4 children took part in a Family Tennis Festival at Churchill Community College on 21st May 2014. The children took part in lots of different tennis skills challenges, as well as playing matches against other local primary schools. All of the children did very well at everything they took part in and won the competition!!

When asked what they enjoyed the most, the response was, "We all really enjoyed playing in the tennis matches, and doing all of the different skills challenges."

Harvey said, "I really enjoyed where we had to pass the tennis ball around in our circle, whilst balancing the tennis ball on our rackets. We got the highest score of 84!!"

Katie said, "I liked playing in all of the matches, even though some of the games were very hard. I still managed to win all of my matches!"

Roll on the finals on Tuesday 17th June